DANNY DIOR (Nana Rec // Amsterdam, NL)

Danny Dior is an international DJ, producer and sound design pioneer. His unique vision of electronic music, combined with his talent, dynamism and experimental projects have acted as a springboard, propelling him to the forefront of electronic Music. It all started in the 90s, Amsterdam, Danny Dior devoted his life to electronic music with his attention to detail and more evident with each new track he played or produced.

One may indentify Danny Dior as the former D Opposite D from Dutch Dance Sene, a rather raw, dark and mysterious duo in his early days. His roots derive from a Amsterdam background and now living in Mexican City.
A classical love affair for vinyl later coincided with his creative talent for spinning records, ultimately, landing him DJ gigs in small underground clubs in Amsterdam.

In 1985 he moved to Amsterdam, where his musical career was launched into full swing. His style is unique, playing a sophistication of sounds and mixing genres that make the crowds dance with passion and depth.

In 2003 it was time for the next step. Missing real special sounds in his dj bag, he wanted to fill this gap by creating his own music. Years of impressions & melting profoundly with Dutch nightlife made his creativity arouse very quickly in the studio.

In the following years he toured all around the world playing in more than 20 different countries

In 2010 he felt the need for a time-out. The mexican jungle Mexico City provided the perfect environment for this.
Living there for 5 years he connected deeply with in himself. Awakening new creative energy led him to the decision to restart his project again.

Returning to travel the world again and getting back to his gigs

Currently you find his work on Releases on: 38db Tonsportgruppe, 76 Recordings, Blaq Records, BIT Records Mexico, Eintakt, Hed Kandi, Minimo Records, Minimatracx, Mucho Groove Records, Musictracx Recordings, Nana Rec, Niteworks Recordings, OnePush Recordings, Peanut Musik, Sheeva Recordings, Steal My Oil Records, Tall House Digital, Trenton, We Are Here Records, Worldwide Exclusive, Xela Digital, Yellowjax Recordings, Mandarina Records

CTV Productions like The Summer Of MTV, Cineteca National, Kswiss ,Mezcal Meteoro and many more.